Thanks to Chris and Brett, my passion for the saltwater environment was pushed to another level with their show Offshore Adventures that aired for 10 seasons on ESPN with over 180 episodes.  This show highlighted the vast diversity of fish, ways to catch them, incredible culinary creations and the countless unique locations and people all across the globe that the team traveled to.  During the last few years of filming this show, Chris and Brett were already helping scientists with research on billfish and other pelagics swimming the ocean when the guys purchased a new vessel and realized they could do the impossible.  Give access to Great White Sharks to researchers that had never been achieved before.  With the transition to shark research, OCEARCH was born and Chris and Brett have never looked back.  With over 30 expeditions all across the world tagging numerous sharks, multiple research projects being conducted on each tagging event, the global Shark Tracker app and an extensive STEM educational program, OCEARCH has already accomplished so much and is answering questions we thought would never be answered about the Great White sharks’ biology, range and reproductive cycles.

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