This week we sit down with Gene Hennigan, owner of the Double Draw Ranch ( in Junction, TX.  Gene has been donating hunts to several conservation groups over many years including NWTF, The Mule Deer Foundation, Texas Brigades and more to help raise money and to help introduce the sport of hunting to the next generation.  During this trip, we got to have Sarah Heimeyer, Reed Williams and Daniel Nguyen out to the ranch for a whitetail and exotic doe hunt.  We had a great time, as I was able to help guide Daniel on his first deer hunt ever.  Deer camp is always a fun time with all the great food, fellowship and even a surprise magic show from Daniel.  Our conversation kicks off with learning about the ranch and then we discussed the many things keeping our youth from getting involved in hunting and many ways that make it easier to get started.  Hope you enjoy this episode!