Erin Merrill never truly hunted until she was in her twenties, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t in the woods chasing deer with her dad growing up in the woods of Maine. Erin is currently one of the premier outdoors writers working for Drury Outdoors as a senior writer for DeerCast, writing a monthly column in Northwoods Sporting Journal and President and co-founder of “Women of the Maine Outdoors” where she is leading the way in enabling women and young girls in getting involved in the outdoors. This was a great conversation about a lot of what is going on in Maine currently with all the different species that are available to hunters and with public/private land hunting rights. We also chatted about the wild turkey populations and how they are doing so well that now they are sending birds all the way down here to Texas to be stocked into rebuilding populations of Easterns. Make sure to follow her on Social media and on her blog as she is constantly putting out great content!

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