Back in 2007, Fishing’s Future was founded by Shane Wilson with the simple goal of reconnecting families through the sport of fishing.  Little did he know at the time, but this would become a nation-wide movement with the organization now having more than 70 chapters across the U.S. and beyond.  They reached their 1,000,000th participant back in 2018 and have no plans on slowing down.  Shane has surrounded himself with amazing people, including now Executive Director, Michael Scherer.  Michael has been an integral part in helping Fishing’s Future reach its goals and expand their reach through various platforms including their “Interactive Online Experiences” during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to continue to reach families across the country during this difficult time.

Hope you enjoy this one, so sit back and listen to the Fishing’s Future story and find out how you can get involved and help with their mission through volunteering and donations.