What an incredible story and journey we have on this episode, as we are joined by Joe Simonds “Like Diamonds” from Salt Strong. One of the biggest and fastest growing fishing companies in the country right now. Joe and his brother Luke grew up in Florida with a passion for all things outdoors instilled by their father. After growing up and graduating college, both brothers were very successful in the sales field and eventually worked together before selling their company and going all in head first into their dream of having a fishing company of their own with the goal of bringing families together and getting more people into the sport of fishing and outdoors. Now, the Salt Strong nation is going stronger and getting bigger than ever and helping people become better anglers all across the country. But this wasn’t the easiest journey as we hear from Joe on their decisions that led them down this path and the direction they are currently going. So be sure to listen in as Joe tells us the story of Salt Strong.

Salt Strong the Best Online Saltwater Fishing Club in America

Snook from Balcony video


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