A couple of years ago I found out about the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation and how vital their mission is to helping save kids’ lives that are battling cancer.  When I found out how they were doing this and that fishing was involved, I was HOOKED!  I never knew the struggle that these kids were facing, even with all of the millions of dollars put toward researching the disease, that there were really no drugs developed specifically for kids.  They were really only being treated with drugs developed for adults battling cancer, which causes a high percentage of them to have life long complications.  How could this be???  I immediately knew I wanted to be involved and when I found out that I could take some people out fishing and help this cause, that was the icing on the cake!  The NPCF has been around since 1991 and growing nationally with the help of people like you and me through various fundraising efforts across the country.  My good friends Shamus Warren and Chris Geib join us on this episode to talk about the NPCF, how to get involved, growing up in the outdoors and share some powerful stories along the way from their time with the foundation.  So please, check out their website and get involved.  Thanks for listening to this episode!