The first time I spoke with Nick Tokman it was evident why people call him Sunshine.  He is upbeat, outgoing and everything you would expect for somebody with that nickname.  Nick had a wild ride taking the risk and leaving it all behind and heading to Alaska without a job with the goal of becoming a crab fishermen like the ones his grandfather showed him on Deadliest Catch.  Battling the Bering Sea head on with such a positive audience, Nick showed viewers how having such an upbeat can-do attitude during the grind that is Alaska crab fishing can have such a huge impact on his crewmates.

Nick realized he wanted to share this passion and his life experiences with others.  So after leaving the show, Nick decided to become a motivational speaker and travel the country delivering his message of confidence, self worth and helping you reach “your” goals.  Nick has made a huge impact on thousands of lives across the country through his speaking engagements and he is continuing to find ways to motivate people during the trying times we currently find ourselves in today.

Hope you enjoy this episode with Nick and be sure to check him out on his website and social media channels.