Ronnie Green, the inspirational and highly entertaining tv show host of “A Fishing Story” grew up in Texas.  Fishing was obviously something that drew Ronnie in and spending time with his great grandmother catching fish and sharing stories left a huge impression on him.  After moving to Lubbock to begin his collegiate career pursuing a degree in education and becoming an All-American sprinter competing with some of the best in the world, Ronnie enlisted in the Marines.  This began his journey to where he is today, showcasing people from all walks of life and sharing their stories while out fishing to millions of viewers across the country.

The journey wasn’t easy, but Ronnie’s passion for the outdoors, strong support from his family and his memories of stories told while fishing with his great grandmother all led to “A Fishing Story”.

Don’t miss this powerful episode as Ronnie shares his story and what it has meant to him to be so successful in life!

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