Oscar Castillo, native Texan from San Antonio, grew up like so many other kids.  Fishing and playing outside, but the outdoors really sparked an interest for him and kept him wanting to spend more and more time outdoors.  This has continued through today, but several years ago, he and his friends seen the need to do something for their local communities by way of fishing.  Countless fishing trips across Texas, both in fresh and saltwater, sparked an idea of bringing that possibility to those that had no way of paying or getting to those far away locations.  And if you’ve ever been to Texas, it really does take forever to get anywhere!  The Fin Addict Angler Foundation was born out of this need and is one of the most active angler education non-profits in the U. S., providing multiple events across the region for families and first timers who want to learn all about fishing.  Being 100% volunteer, this organization has a solid foundation in it’s core members and is constantly improving and reaching more people each and every year.  Be sure to check them out on their website and follow them on social media to stay up to date with all their events.