All around outdoors enthusiast, Appalachian Trail thru hiker, podcast host and conservationist Paul Fuzinski has had quite the journey to get where he is today.  Hiking nearly 2,200 miles over the course of nearly 6 months is a feat most of us would never dream of doing, but Paul did it and it caused him to have a clearer outlook on what he wanted to do and accomplish in his life.  Through his podcast, Aptitude Outdoors, he’s been able to feature other incredible individuals that are doing awesome things in the outdoors and helping to share their passion so that more people can experience what nature can provide for each of us.

This is a great conversation with Paul as we talk about everything from his first hunting experience to his heavy metal bands to craft beer and everything in between.  So be sure to follow him along on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (@aptitudeoutdoors) and Get Outdoors!

Check out Paul’s band, Astralborne:

And, Blood of the Propehts: