On this episode, we sit down with Steve Whitlock and learn how growing up in the everglades during the 80’s and the height of the marijuana smuggling from Columbia started his path to becoming one of the biggest names in game fish art.  Steve has had some amazing experiences during his life that created a path into the art world.  Growing up fishing and hunting in Florida provided the perfect place to see so many different species of fish and wildlife and different environments that he has been able to incorporate into his artwork.  With all of the art shows he does, his partnership with Bass Pro Shops and all of the changes that 2020 has caused for small businesses, Steve’s artwork is found all over the world and inspired many to get out and experience what his artwork has brought into their homes and businesses.  Steve is still fishing and hunting today, living near Tampa Bay with his wife, looking for new inspiration and enjoying the great outdoors that Florida has to offer.

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