What the heck is a sawfish and why have I never seen or heard of one before?  These are questions that I had the first time I ever heard of this prehistoric looking animal.  Tonya Wiley didn’t grow up knowing she would play such a vital role in saving sawfish, but an early introduction into the saltwater environment sparked a passion for conservation that can still be seen today even as we record this podcast.  Working in the fisheries field for over 20 years, Tonya is one of the leading experts in the world on sawfish.  And in this episode, you’ll learn about the two species that once lived in relative abundance until commercial fishing and the absence of any real conservation measures drove one of the species to extinction and the other to be found in very limited numbers in a small area.  Tonya is helping lead the way in sawfish research and helping us understand how we can save not only sawfish but other species that are being threatened even today due to lack of knowledge and regulations.

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