Dream Big and you can make it happen!  This is pretty much Vance Zahorski summed up.  Vance has been taking the fishing world by storm with his innovative Line Cutterz ring and has turned this business into more than something to just make money on.  Vance and his team, including his brother Cullen, have created a fishing community across the world by really listening to their customers on wants and needs and involving them in every step along the way.  With the help of making a deal on Shark Tank with Daymond John and a huge following on social media, Line Cutterz has exploded in the last few years to not only be a leader in the fishing industry, but the crafting industry too.

But nothing comes easy and these guys know how to overcome the odds in tough situations.  Hurricane Harvey was one of these situations that devastated the Texas coast in 2017 and the Cutterz brothers battled flood waters to keep their business afloat all while gaining the respect of many through their determination.  These guys are the true meaning of working hard to be successful!

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Check out Vance’s pitch to the sharks: